Quality Control: the Process

The goal is to provide high-quality, consistent products.


  • Professional products designed for high wash- and lightfastness
  • Consistent, thorough processes in processing, rinsing, and curing, so that dyes stay on the fiber through washing and laundering according to industry standards
  • Colors mixed according to precise ratios from stock solutions, precisely measured
  • Products are dyed in dyelots, and orders are fulfilled with products of the same dyelot
  • Consistent dye recipes
  • Applied in set patterns, to achieve consistency between units (braid to braid, skein to skein)
  • Product descriptions emphasize colors in common terms


  • Chosen based on durability and resistance to pilling as the primary factor
  • Breed-specific varieties; all fibers identified
  • Fibers and yarns chosen with long-term availability in mind

Business practices

  • Company goal is to move towards as many fibers as possible sourced within the USA, and particularly from Colorado growers
  • Consistency is key: colorways will always be available; yarn and fiber bases will be available for as long as the manufacturer carries them
  • Live and work with one foot in the “company shoe” and the other foot in the “customer shoe;” each mile walked is done from both the company’s and the client’s perspective.