The Colorway Story

Sky Braids: The Collection

The colorways featured in these braids were inspired by views of Colorful Colorado’s skies: sun, storm, clouds, and brightest days. Each palette groups together the hues of the skyscape, hand-painted on 4 oz. of white, breed-specific wool top. Professional dyes and processes ensure soft fiber, consistent colors, and highly colorfast fabrics.

The handspinner has many options for spinning these braids:

  • A soft, bulky-weight single will show off the color progressions very well, and would make warm, unique hats and scarves that appeal to both men and women.
  • A chain-plied single would create the same type of color separation, for those who like to spin finer-grade singles.
  • For more blending, strip the braid into equal portions, spin to the desired weight, then edit the singles as you ply to control the amount of color mixing. Try keeping the “ground” portions separate, but letting the “sky” colors mix randomly.
  • Make it completely yours: separate the colors, then spin them in any order you like.
  • In addition to full-colorway braids, there are braids painted in just one or two colors of the colorway (for example: just the sky, or just the ground), giving you the option to extend the colors of your project however you like.

Back Yard Sky: Spring Snow

This pic was taken the morning after a snowstorm. One of the many things I love about Colorado weather is that we see a lot of blue sky and sun—and this sky as a backdrop to a snowscape makes me stop in my tracks and say ‘whoa!’ And, yes, this is my view from the back yard. This colorway has delicate sky blues and the slightest hint of purple in the clouds, along with the dark and light in the evergreen, with a layer of white in between.

Sylvan Lake Sunset

Sylvan Lake Sunset
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Sylvan Lake is a favorite camping spot. On this day, the weather had been spotty: raining off and on, with brief moments of sun. At the end of the day, though, the clouds parted just enough to give us a spectacular sunset. Light like this makes everything glow. It feels almost supernatural, and any moment, some magical creature will come flying out over those clouds. This colorway has greys and deeper blues for the sky; white transitioning to yellow, orange, and salmon for the fiery sunset; and a layer of reddish grey in between. There’s a dark grey for the hillside.

Sylvan Lake Storm

Opposite in the sky from the sunset, we could see another storm cell moving through. At this angle of the sun, the clouds took on deep, saturated colors—just a jaw-dropping display. This colorway has a range of deep purples, blue, and pinks, with a bit of slightest white for the low clouds, and dark grey for the hill.

Crabapple Sky

Flowering crabapple trees grew in everyone’s yards where I grew up in the west Denver ‘burbs, and I hope I always have one where I live. This view is really the beginning of my love of the Colorado sky: intense pink flowers against an equally intense, cloudless, clean, blue. They bloom in April, which means that sometimes, a spring frost will freeze the buds before they bloom. So, I’m grateful for the years in which they survive. This colorway has the pinks of the blooms, the dark green and deep maroon of the leaves, and the one intense sky blue.