Crabapple Flowers: a Crabapple Sky wool combed top roving Coordinating Color



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This is Crabapple Flowers wool roving, a coordinating color in the Crabapple Sky colorway. Crabapple Flowers has the highlights and the brights of the crabapple blooms after they’ve just fully opened, with the sun shining through them to make those colors bloom. The light pink blends ombre-style into the darker pink along the full length of the braid. Sometimes, you just want flowers. Use this braid to change the balance of flower, leaf, and sky in the main Crabapple Sky braid–or get it by itself, because who doesn’t need more pink? Weight: 4 oz./113 g. Choose 60/40 Polwarth/Silk, Merino or US-grown Targhee combed top.


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US-grown Targhee, Merino, 60/40 Polwarth/Silk